Functions of chelating agents in various industries

Uses of chelating agents:

1. Chelation has a wide range of applications in chemical research and industrial production.

2. In the chemical industry and industrial production process, adding chelating agents to make metal ions generate chelate with completely different properties is the main method to reduce and control the concentration of metal ions.

3. Chelates are widely used in mineral flotation process, hydrometallurgy, extraction and separation of metal elements, catalytic synthesis of substances, water softening, electroplating process, pharmaceutical industry, dyeing process, etc.

4. Chelates are widely used in the bleaching of chemical, mechanical and deinked pulp using hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorous acid as bleaching agents. Some chelating agents can be used for the treatment of lead and mercury poisoning in medicine. The specific uses are as follows:

(1) It can effectively inhibit the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorous acid bleaching agents caused by metal ions, improve bleaching efficiency, save bleaching liquid, and reduce bleaching costs.

(2) It has a strong ability to capture and disperse Fe3+ ions, to prevent Fe3+ ions from reacting with the phenolic groups in the pulp to form a dark-colored compound, protect the fibers, improve the whiteness of the pulp, and reduce the yellowing of the pulp.

(3) It can effectively prevent metal ions such as calcium and magnesium from chemically reacting to form deposits during the pulp bleaching process, thereby preventing system equipment and pipeline fouling, and can gradually remove the original fouling of the rinsing system.

(4) It has a certain dispersing ability, which can improve the dispersibility of sodium silicate.

(5) Protect the pulp fiber and prevent the destruction of the fiber by the NaOH peeling reaction.

(6) Compared with traditional DTPA, it has a good cost performance.

(7) Used for the separation and purification of metal elements, the dyeing of fabrics and the manufacture of organic pigments, etc.

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