Agricultural applications

Polyaspartic acid (PASP)

1. Fertilizer synergist.

It is suitable for urea, compound fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, drip irrigation, etc. It can reduce the loss of fertilizers, activate nutrient elements, and increase the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers, thereby reducing the amount of fertilizers and increasing yields.

Fertilizer synergist

2. Pesticide additives

As a wetting and dispersing agent

Reduce the surface tension of the pesticide application system, increase the stability of the system, promote the absorption rate and amount of pesticide liquid by crops, and increase the control effect of pesticides.

② As a stabilizer

Polyaspartic acid salts can complex the metal ions in the water, reduce the probability that the effective molecules of pesticides and the metal ions in the water will form non-controlling particles, thereby reducing the impact of water quality on the effect of pesticide use.

As a sweetener

Polyaspartic acid products and glyphosate are applied together to control weeds in sugarcane fields, which can increase the sugar content of sugarcane.

Chelated micro-fertilizer

3. Anti-scaling agent and dispersant in irrigation system

It has excellent scale inhibition and dispersion properties, which can reduce fouling or precipitation in foliar spraying or irrigation systems.

4. Supplement micronutrients

Polyaspartic acid- K,Ca, Mg, Zn, Bo, can supply the corresponding nutrient elements according to the needs of crops.

Pesticide additives

Iminodisuccinic acid (IDS)

Iminodisuccinic Acid (IDS), CAS Number 131669-35-7, is eco-friendly biodegradable chelating agent, alternative of EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid) and EDDHA ,  chelated micronutrients (Fe, Mg, Ca, Zn)  fertilizer in agriculture.

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