Cosmetic application

Degradable chelating agents :PASP、IDS、GLDA、MGDA all can be used in personal care and cosmetic products。

1. PASP used in Cosmetics

  • Sodium polyaspartate (PASP), the main role in cosmetics and skin care products is antistatic and moisturizer. Its risk factor is 2, which is absolutely safe and can be used by pregnant women. And sodium polyaspartate is not acne-causing.
  • High molecular weight PASP has a good moisturizing effect on skin, and has a significant moisture retention effect. When the mass fraction of high molecular weight PASP is 0.8%, the growth rate of skin moisture content will reach 0.5% or more, and the moisturizing effect on skin is equivalent to that of hyaluronic acid. It has effect of improving skin elasticity. Currently, PASP replaces the widely used hyaluronic acid as a moisturizer in cosmetics, has a good development prospect.
  • Sodium polyaspartate (PASP) has strong hydrophilicity and water solubility, can form a breathable protective film. In addition, it has a powerful hydrating function, can improve skin moisture, and with efficient water-locking and moisturizing function, which makes the skin feel smooth and refreshed.
  • It can also replenish skin nutrition, enhance skin's fullness and elasticity, and as a good skin softener, it can tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.

So polyaspartic acid (PASP) can be widely used in Cosmetics by its good moisturizing effect on skin to increase skin’s moisture level, also with great water-locking and moisturizing function, to make skin feel smooth and refreshed.

Cosmetic application

2. IDS used in Cosmetics:

In Cosmetics, Tetrasodium iminodisuccinate (IDS) can form stable water-soluble complex molecules with heavy metal ions, thereby reducing the oxidation catalysis of heavy metal ions on unsaturated fatty acids in cosmetics. Its biodegradability can provide safer product and reduce the risk of adverse skin reactions.

3. GLDA-Na4 used in Cosmetics:

Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate (GLDA-Na4)CAS No. 51981-21-6, is a preservative booster made from plant material. Its main component is L-glutamic acid, an amino acid used by almost all living beings in the biosynthesis of proteins.

GLDA-Na4 is remarkable versatile. It :

  • Boosts performance of preservatives, improving shelf life
  • Stabilizes the pH value
  • Does not sensitize human skin
  • Is completely biodegradable

Basically, GLDA-Na4 makes products more better. Because GLDA-Na4 boost the performance of the preservative phenoxyethanol , it means we can use less phenoxyethanol in Cosmetics and skin care products. 

And GLDA-Na4 is a stabilizer, too. Adding GLDA-Na4 means that the pH value of Cosmetics and skin care products won’t change after its been packaged. And here’s why that matters. If the pH level of a product is too alkaline or too acidic, we might break-out, our skin become inflamed, or become more sensitive over-all . If we have ever used another skincare product regularly, then suddenly have problems, it means that somewhere the pH has changed. GLDA-Na helps cosmetics and skin care products maintain the precise pH levels we intend them to have.

So, this ingredient has two very important jobs. Boosting and stabilizing. Without it, we’d need more preservatives and we couldn’t guarantee the consistent quality of the skin care products.

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