Industrial cleaning application

Phosphorus-free degradable chelating agents are used as builders in detergents and industrial cleaning agents. Because their green, non-phosphorus, degradable, environment friendly properties, they become ideal and upgraded products to replace traditional EDTA, DTPA, NTA, HEDP etc. organic phosphonic acid chelating agent.

Phosphorus-free green chelating agents that SHANDONG YUANLIAN is producing including:

  1. Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate GLDA-Na;
  2. Trisodium Methylglycine Diacetate MGDA-Na
  3. Tetrasodium Aspartate Diacetate ASDA-Na;
  4. Tetrasodium iminodisuccinate IDS-Na4;
  5. Chelating dispersion type polymer, PASP-Na.

Phosphorus-free degradable chelating agents are used as builders in detergents and industrial cleaning agents, they complex metal ions to enhance decontamination ability of products, and increase solubility of calcium-like ions to enable the surfactant to function normally.

At the same time, IDS, GLDA, MGDA, etc. used in industrial cleaning agents, combined with surfactants, they can effectively remove rust, transform and dissolve various insoluble calcium scales.

They have a wide range of applications in washing and cleaning industry, such as household detergents, industrial detergents, car detergents, dishwasher detergents, linen detergents, bleach stabilizers, sanitary detergents, and reverse osmosis membrane detergents , Shower and bathtub cleaning agent, production line cleaning agent, pipeline cleaning agent, oil field platform cleaning agent, etc.

1. Tetrasodium iminodisuccinate IDS used for cleaning

Industrial cleaning - rust removal chelating agent:

Used together with surfactants, can achieve very good effect. For cleaning agent, IDS is used to remove rust and iron sulfide scale in metal pipeline network, especially recommended for natural gas pipeline cleaning.

Detergent auxiliaries and daily cleaning agents:

In daily cleaning agents, as a degradable complexing agent, imino disuccinate sodium salt IDS is used to complex metal ions, prevent or eliminate the turbidity of daily cleaning agents, and maintain their clear and transparent state.

Enhance the decontamination ability of product, increase the solubility of calcium-like ions, and enable the surfactant to function normally.

Environmental friendly property of IDS also increases the safety of daily washing products.

IDS is completely biodegradable, non-toxic and harmless, has good water solubility, can be used in large-dose concentrated products. Under low temperature and high concentration conditions, it is more convenient to use than EDTA .

Green phosphorus-free chelating agent, can prevent the formation of soap scale after washing for many times by liquid soap; can stabilize fatty acid, is an ideal additive for liquid soap, soap-based washing powder, etc., can enhance detergency, make bleaching easier, reduce product irritation .

Green chelating agent, chelate iron, copper etc. metal ions in bleaching process, stabilize hydrogen peroxide, sodium perborate, sodium percarbonate etc. peroxides, protect fiber and improve whiteness. Can be used in restaurant and hotel linen washing, tablecloth washing bleach stabilizer, etc.

2. GLDA-Na4 used in daily chemical detergent auxiliaries

High solubility under wide pH, suitable for industrial cleaning from strong acid to high alkaline.

GLDA has good solubility in strong acid to high alkali systems, and has a better advantage for formulating high active ingredients and low water content formulation systems. For example, in industrial cleaning high-alkali system, both acid cleaning system and high-concentration system have very good solubility.

Good high temperature stability

By thermogravimetric analysis, GLDA is tested at 170℃ for 6 hours or at 150℃ for a week, GLDA has no decomposition and is extremely stable. Compared with other chelating agent products at 100℃, it performs better.

Strong chelating ability

For the formulation, it is very important to choose a chelating agent with sufficient chelating ability. The chelating ability is related to different metal ions and pH value of the system. For the binding force of a specific metal, we can see from the stability equilibrium constant. GLDA has a good effect on all kinds of difficult-to-clean calcium scales or difficult-to-clean equipment.

Has antiseptic, sterilization and synergistic effects

Because GLDA has natural amino acid components, it has a stronger binding ability with animal cell walls, which can effectively destroy the electrolyte balance of cells, inhibit cell activity, and thus play a role of antiseptic and synergistic. Through experiments, we found GLDA has obvious antiseptic and sterilization synergies in most fungicides, which can save 20%-80% usage of the fungicides. For example, we use the preservative-imidazolidinyl urea and GLDA compound to observe its bactericidal effect on Pseudomonas aeruginosa, it turns out that after compounding with GLDA, the usage of imidazolidinyl urea can be reduced by 50%.

3. MGDA-Na3 used in cleaning detergents

Phosphorus-free, biodegradable, and can improve the cleaning effect of household and industrial detergents and cleaners.

Good effect on stubborn stains

In heavy-duty laundry detergents, liquid laundry detergents and soap-based detergents, MGDA is particularly effective for stubborn stains such as natural oils, sebum, blood stains, milk stains, ink stains, dust and protein.

Solve the soap scale of soap-based detergents

For detergents that formula contains fatty acid and soap, it is easy to form soap scale with calcium and magnesium ions in the water when used, and deposit on the surface of fabric, producing sour odor and reducing wettability. MGDA can effectively solve the stains formed by calcium soap and prevent the redeposition of calcium soap.

Phosphorus-free detergent builder

After various countries have implemented bans and restrictions on phosphorus, various phosphorus-replacement additives have appeared. The use of phosphorous-free formula in detergents will cause the filming and stain removal performance of the detergent to decrease, but use MGDA can narrow the performance gap between the two choices.

For stubborn stains, such as starch and protein in food, MGDA has been proven to have efficient rinsing and starch stain removal performance in commercial non-phosphorus dishwashing detergent formulations, especially for tea stains.

Antiscalant and descaling cleaning agent

MGDA can convert poorly soluble compounds into water-soluble substances, and has good solubility for inorganic precipitates. It has better effect for old and dry calcium stains.

Cleaning calcium carbonate scale: Use acid (such as hydrochloric acid, citric acid, etc.) to generate carbon dioxide to remove calcium ions, which is not suitable for closed systems and corrosive systems. But using chelating agents such as MGDA to form soluble complexes to remove calcium ions, its suitable and can prevent the formation of new calcium carbonate stains.

Cleaning calcium phosphate scale: For example, during milk processing, insoluble calcium phosphate precipitates are formed, which is not easy to clean. The complexing ability of MGDA on it exceeds other degradable complexing agents.

Peroxide stabilizer

By complexing the metal ions decomposed by catalytic decomposing peroxide, to slow down the excessive decomposition of sodium perborate, sodium percarbonate, hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

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