Water Treatment Application

Polyaspartic acid (PASP) is a green and environmental friendly corrosion and scale inhibitor developed in recent years. It is a kind of amino acid. Because its molecular chain contains peptide bonds, it is easily degraded into CO2 and H2O by microorganisms and bacteria, so it has a good biocompatibility; also has chelating, adsorption and dispersion properties at the same time, and its dispersion performance is better than traditional scale inhibitors, so is widely used in industrial water treatment.

Water Treatment

Polyaspartic acid is often used in combination with other corrosion and scale inhibitors to enhance the synergistic effect:

1. Compound with PBTCA, used in water system with high calcium, high temperature and high alkalinity.

2. Compound with EDTMP, the scale inhibitor can be used in high alkaline water, and scale inhibition rate can reach more than 90%.

3. Compound with HPA & polyacrylic acid etc., the scale inhibitor is suitable for circulating cooling water system with high hardness and high concentration multiples.

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