Textile Application

Tetrasodium glutamate diacetate (GLDA-Na), trisodium methylglycine diacetate (MGDA-Na), tetrasodium aspartate diacetate (ASDA-Na), tetrasodium iminodisuccinate (IDS-Na) are environmental friendly chelating agents, green & degradable, are environmental friendly substitutes to EDTA and DTPA.

They are widely used in hydrogen peroxide bleaching stabilizer, paper mill hydrogen peroxide stabilizer, various textile printing and dyeing & papermaking auxiliaries, and fabric pretreatment such as desizing, scouring, bleaching and mercerizing processes.

Application of green chelating agents in textile and dyeing auxiliaries:

Green Chelates can be used as chelating and dispersing agents in textile system, used as printing and dyeing auxiliary agents to soften water quality, used as complexing agents to metal ions during scouring and bleaching, used as leveling agents & dispersants for active dyes, direct dyes and vat dyes.

Used as scouring aids, green chelats can disperse dirt and impurities, chelate and disperse calcium & magnesium ions in scouring liquid, which is beneficial to the removal of pectin, and prevent the formation of insoluble calcium and magnesium salts and deposits on fabric, thereby improve the moisture absorption and hair efficiency of the fiber.

Used as bleaching aids, adding chelating dispersant to bleaching liquid, show significant complexing force to calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and other metal ions in bleaching liquid, can prevent the fabric strength from decreasing and the generation of holes, and significantly improves the whiteness .

When dyeing dyes, adding chelating dispersants can effectively complex calcium and magnesium ions in dye liquor, which will have strong dispersing effect on dyes and coatings, and can prevent the dye precipitation.

Chelates also can be used as rinsing agents for textiles in textile system, which can reduce the ash content of textiles.

1. Pretreatment auxiliary for textile dyeing and finishing, hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) bleach stabilizer

In textile printing and dyeing industry, in the oxygen bleaching or decomposing, boiling and bleaching one-bath process, hydrogen peroxide is generally used in alkaline medium. The hydrogen peroxide is relatively stable under weak acid or neutral conditions, and is activated under alkaline conditions. Strong oxidizing property, and the presence of heavy metal ions makes hydrogen peroxide H2O2 prematurely catalyze the decomposition, which not only causes the effectiveness lose of bleaching solution, but also damages the fibers. The green chelating agent imino disuccinic acid (IDS-Na) can stabilizes the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide by chelating heavy metal ions.

2. Steaming & boiling chelating additives

Adding a chelating agent in the pulping steaming & boiling process can reduce the use of commercial alkalis, reduce costs, increase the yield of pulp, and stabilize quality of pulp. Mechanism of action: The chelating agent can chelate the metal ions in the coating slurry, prevent the metal ions from reacting with NaOH, reduce the consumption of commercial alkali, and prevent metal ions from depositing and scaling. In subsequent bleaching process, because of the residual chelating agent, the consumption of chelating agent in bleaching process can be reduced.

Green chelating agent, can chelate iron, copper and other metal ions, stabilize peroxides such as hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen peroxide in the bleaching process, protect fiber and improve whiteness.

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