Sodium of Polyepoxysuccinic Acid (PESA)

Sodium of Polyepoxysuccinic Acid (PESA)

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Polyepoxysuccinic acid (PESA) is a non-phosphorus, non-nitrogen "green" environmental friendly scale and corrosion inhibitor. PESA has good scale inhibition and dispersion performance for calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and barium sulfate in water, and its scale inhibition effect is better than that of commonly used organic phosphine scale inhibitors. The combination of PESA and phosphonate has a good synergistic effect. At the same time, PESA has a certain corrosion inhibitory effect and is a multi-element scale inhibitor.


CAS No. : 51274-37-4;109578-44-1

Molecular formula: HO(C4H2O5M2)nH

Structural Formula:


Epoxysuccinic acid homopolymer; 

Polyoxirane-2,3-Dicarboxylic Acid; 

2,3-oxiranedicarboxylic acid homopolymer; 

Poly(1-oxacyclopropane-2,3-dicarboxylic acid); 


PESA has good biodegradability and a wide range of applications. It is especially suitable for cooling water systems under high alkali, high hardness and high pH conditions, and can achieve high concentration operation. PESA has good compatibility with chlorine and good compatibility with other agents.

Technolgy Specification:




Colorless or amber transparent liquid

White powder

Solid content %

40.0 min

90.0 min

Density (20℃)g/cm3

1.30 min


pH(1% water solution)




1. PESA is suitable for oil field water injection, crude oil dehydration, boiler water treatment etc. fields.

2. PESA is suitable for circulating cooling system water treatment in steel, petrochemical, electric power, pharmaceutical etc. industries.

3. PESA is especially suitable for boiler water treatment, circulating cooling water treatment, seawater desalination and membrane separation in high alkalinity, high hardness, high pH, high concentration rate systems.

4. PESA also is suitable for use as a washing aid in detergent fields.

Package and Storage:

Solution product is packed in plastic drum, per drum 25kg, 250kg, 1250kg, etc., and powder product is packed in kraft paper bags. The packing can be customized according to user needs.

Safety Protection:

PESA is alkaline. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothes. Once splashed on your body, should immediately rinse with plenty of water.

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