Oilfield chemical application

Chelating agents used in oilfield,have the function of : Scale inhibition, corrosion inhibition, drilling fluid viscosity reduction etc.

Phosphorus-free degradable scale inhibitor

Tetrasodium iminodisuccinate (IDS) and tetrasodium glutamate diacetate (GLDA) can not only be used as substitute for conventional chelating agents in platform cleaners, but also can be used as scale inhibitors (in extrusion process), in conditon that the oil field is relatively close to the seabed (such as the Caribbean Sea) .

Polyaspartic acid (PASP) has excellent performance in petroleum drilling fluid systems with high hardness, high alkalinity, high pH, and high concentration. Sodium polyaspartate has the characteristics of phosphorus-free and biodegradable, can be used as a safe scale inhibitor to be used in petroleum production to replace traditional phosphine-containing scale inhibitor.

Oilfield Chemicals

Drilling fluid viscosity reducer

The drilling fluid viscosity reducer is mainly used to reduce the viscosity of drilling fluid and control the fluidity of drilling fluid. Polyaspartic acid PASP, as a polymer viscosity reducer, has the characteristics of non-phosphorus, non-toxic, and easily degradable.

The molecular chain of polyaspartic acid PASP contains anionic groups -COO- and -CO-, and -NH+. Therefore, PASP not only can be adsorbed on the positively charged end surface and the negatively charged flat surface of the clay flake through the anionic group with Coulomb force, but also -NH+ can be adsorbed on the surface of clay flake through hydrogen bond.

PASP has a large adsorption capacity on the surface of clay particles, which can better coat the clay particles and disassemble the structure formed between clays, so that the viscosity of drilling fluid is reduced, and place a better effect for viscosity reduction. As polyaspartic acid can reduce the viscosity of drilling fluid, the greater the amount is added to bentonite mud, the better viscosity reduction effect will be achived. It can be used as a good viscosity reducer for oilfield drilling fluids.

Corrosion and Scale Inhibition for Oil Production Pipeline

Polyaspartic acid can form chelates with calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, barium, strontium and other ions, and adhere to the surface of metal containers to prevent metal corrosion. It is an excellent corrosion inhibitor, especially suitable for preventing corrosion caused by carbon dioxide in oil production pipelines.

Polysuccinimide PSI is resistant to high temperatures and can be used as a scale inhibitor for dilute alkaline earth salts in oil recovery processes. Polysuccinimide can be slowly hydrolyzed to polyaspartic acid under alkaline conditions, as a long-term release scale and corrosion inhibitor, and play a "slow release effect" in process of scale and scale removal.

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